Newsletter 12/2019 – Peruvian Maca market update

Maca powder is still one of the most popular superfoods. It’s a dietary supplement derived from the processed tuberous root of Lepidum meyenii and well known for its nutritional benefits. The worldwide demand continues to grow, meanwhile the cultivated areas have been decreasing due to low market prices and overstocks have been depleted. Prices have continued to increase, as predicted in our last market report.

Newsletter 12/2019 – Mexican chia crop available

In November 2019 we visited our Mexican chia supplier in Jalisco. The new crop looks very healthy and has an estimated volume of approx. 8000mt, which is a 20% increase compared to last year. The average yield is 800 kg/hectare. The advantage of Mexican chia is the favorable climate and high altitude. It’s less humid compared to South America, which results in less insects and molds. It also has higher oil content because the plant produces more oils to protect against high altitude chilly nights, so this translates to higher omega 3’s and over all percentage of oils.