Raw material
Rhumveld Baltic offers raw material in bulk to industries and HoReCa sector in Scandinavia and the Baltics. In the assortment you can find edible nuts, seeds, dried fruits, superfoods, and cacao products. We trade with both, conventional and organic products. As well as, some items are available diced, flavored, roasted, etc. Main list of products can be found here.

Most of the raw material is bought with the help of our parent company in the Netherlands who has already more than 100 years of experience in trading with food items. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, there are strong partnerships with suppliers around the world. The quality team in the Netherlands is quite big and well qualified to assure high standard products.

Our raw material warehouse in Estonia can hold 500 MT of goods and packed products’ warehouse around 600 000 packages. The
warehouse in the Netherlands can hold around 3500 MT of goods. Our warehouses are cooled, keeping an average temperature of 15 degrees. Cooled warehouses help to keep the stored products fresh for a longer time and minimize any risk of infestation development. Our production and warehouses holed the BRC Food Satey certificate.
We have production facilities for mixing of raw materials and private label packing of different types of retail packages. Our customers are brand owners and retailers who prefer to focus on product developmend and marketing and leave the sourcing and packing job to us. We have our own brand only in Estonia, but the rest of the Baltics and Scandinavia we offer private label services. Our factory has three automatic packing lines which can produce 10-15 million package a year. We offer four types of packages: pillow bag, block bottom, quattro seal, and doy bag with zipper. Package weights range from 30 g to 1 kg.
Pillow bag
Weight: 30g-1kg
Width: 8cm, 12cm, 18cm
Block bottom
Weight: 50g-1kg
Width: 8cm, 10cm, 13,5cm
Quattro seal
Weight: 50g-1kg
Width: 9cm, 10cm, 12cm
Doy bag with zipper
Weight: 100g-350g
Width: 13cm, 15cm
Kommi Asemel
In Estonia we sell our products under the trademark Kommi Asemel and Take1. There is also Kommi Asemel ÖKO for organic product and Köögis Asja Ette for cooking products. Products are available in supermarkets and eco-shops. For Christmas we also offer business gifts and gift packages for kindergartens and schools.
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