Challenging circumstances for chia seeds

At the end of June, very unusual weather caused by climate change occurred in Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina. A cold front moved across the countries leading to a devastating loss of the chia seeds harvest. Suppliers reported to lose 50-60% of the crop after the frost buffeted the countries three times over.

Trends and developments: Pecans

At first, customers only ate pecans during the holiday and fall season, but now pecans are becoming more popular than ever. Boosting the customers to focus on a healthy lifestyle as the pecans are added in various daily trail mixes, snacks, and many other recipes such as almond paste, chopped almonds, and almond flour.

Newsletter May 2021 –Cashews

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, in 2018 Vietnam produced about 2.66 million tons of cashews, including their shells, a 23% increase from the previous year. That was 3.4 times more than India, the world’s second biggest producer, which grew roughly 790,000 tons, making Vietnam the undisputed leader.

Newsletter May 2021 –Walnuts

Chile is the 3rd  biggest exporter of walnuts in the world. Chilean walnuts are recognized as the finest walnuts in the world, because of their extra-light colour and depth of taste. Chilean walnuts are gathered from 100% natural gardens and are harvested in the same year, ensuring freshness for the end user.

Newsletter May 2021 –Cacao

The cocoa tree originates from Central America, where its fruit has been used since around 1500 BC. In the wild, a cocoa tree can reach from five to fifteen meters, but in plantations it is usually pruned to four meters high. One tree has 20 to 30 pods and each contains 25 to 50 cocoa beans.