At Rhumveld, we value the input and concerns of the farmers, suppliers, employees, customers and all other stakeholders involved in our value chain. If you have a concern or issue that you feel needs to be addressed, we encourage you to follow our grievance procedure.


Step 1: Informal Resolution

We encourage the grievant to first attempt to resolve any issues informally, by discussing the issue with their supervisor or manager. In most cases, this can be done quickly and effectively.


Step 2: Formal Grievance

If the issue cannot be resolved informally, or if the grievant is not comfortable speaking with their supervisor or manager, they may file a formal grievance. To do so, the grievant can complete the grievance form as represented below. The grievance form is then send to our Human Resources department.

The form should include:

  • A clear and concise description of the issue
  • The specific action or outcome the grievant is seeking
  • Any relevant supporting documentation or other material

Our Human Resources department will review the grievance and may seek additional information or clarification as needed. An appropriate course of action will be determined accordingly.


Step 3: Resolution

The Human Resources department will keep the grievant informed of the progress and will make every effort to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

We value open and honest communication at Rhumveld and encourage all stakeholders to use this grievance procedure to bring any concerns or issues to our attention.

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