Your partner in natural food ingredients

Bridging between our partnerships with supplier in origin all over the world and our industrial customer and retail packaging customers.

Solution in Nuts, Dried Fruits and Seeds since 1919

Solutions in conventional and organic nuts, dried fruits, edible seeds and superfoods with a great focus on sustainability.

For more than 100 years Rhumveld has been building partnerships and cooperations with suppliers from all over the world.

From our warehouses in Europe, where we stock a complete assortment of nuts, dried fruits, edible seeds, and superfoods, we can supply our customers the right quality at the right time

Whether it is ingredients for our industrial customers or organic nuts for our repacking customers we are always delivering the correct product for their needs.

Our sourcing teams provide the correct product but also advice on when to buy and through our long partnerships with suppliers in origin will always supply a safe, traceable, and sustainable product.

Our certifications

Certified for a great variety of organic products

Various Rainforest Alliance certified products

Part of the Ecovadis' top 5% of the 100.000+ participating companies

BRCGS certified: safe, legal, high quality products

Organic products meet statutory requirements

Sedex member: empowering sustainable value chains

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We offer a complete assortment of food ingredients, sustainably sourced with partners/suppliers from all over the world. All our organic and conventional products are in stock in our warehouses located in Europe.


Edible seeds

Dried fruits

Add value to your products

Contact us if you want our products to be packed, labelled, or processed in any way, as Rhumveld has a large network of service providers we work with.

Industry trends and developments

Stay ahead with our insights on the latest industry trends and developments, where we explore the impact of harvest cycles and seasonal changes on global markets and product pricing.

Quality Management Support

Rhumveld sets the standard in the sourcing and distribution of premium raw materials, ensuring superior quality throughstrict QA&QC both in origin and before delivery, guaranteeing product properties that fully meet customer specifications.

Warehousing and Logistics

Explore our comprehensive warehousing and logistics services, designed to optimize your supply chain efficiency and distribution.