• Sourcing, processing, and sales of raw materials

Rhumveld Baltic sells the products in our product range as raw material to HoReCa sector and eco-shops in Estonia and abroad. We offer the products in bigger quantities, which are in original package (size of the package 5-25 kg according to product), and in smaller repacked packages (1-5 kg). For some products we offer processing (e.g. roasting, rehydrating).

We have formed long term partnerships with suppliers around the world to assure availability of the raw materials. We put effort on the quality of the raw materials. We offer a wide range of edible nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and superfoods. We have available conventional and organic products.

  • Warehousing and logistics

Rhumveld offers warehousing of raw materials and packed products in our temperature and moisture controlled facilities. Rhumveld Baltic has 3 loading docks, the raw material warehouse can hold 500t of goods, and packed products warehouse can hold around 600 000 packages, the warehouse in the Netherlands can hold around 3500t of goods.

We offer a variety of services to our customers such as processing of raw materials, warehousing and logistics and quality management support.
At our BRC and HACCP approved warehouses and processing units in the Netherlands we roast, salt, grind, slice, clean, cut, mix, rehydrate (raisins) up to the highest standards in the food industry. We hold large quantities of stock in our temperature controlled warehouses, that allows us to readily fulfill all customer requirements. The quality of the raw material is of key importance and we set ourselves high standards and where possible guarantee 100% traceability.