Sustainability at Rhumveld

We work with a promise to improve the world, placing people and the planet at the forefront, taking responsibility into our own hands.

Our sustainability report

Five sustainable
strategic pillars

  1. Drive transformative change and create a meaningful impact
  2. Elevate the standard through audits, certifications & training
  3. Achieve long term sustainable value creation throughout the chain
  4. Enhance transparency and traceability
  5. Cultivate partnerships with trusted partners from all around the world


Transforming Supply Chains into Value Chains

We believe in transforming traditional supply chains into value chains, meaning that every step in the process not only adds economic value but also impacts the lives of those involved and the health of our planet. 

By focusing on sustainable and fair practices, we strive to improve the livelihoods of farmers and workers, ensuring they receive fair compensation and support. Simultaneously, we are committed to environmental stewardship, adopting methods that reduce our carbon footprint, improve soil health and biodiversity.

Sustainable Sourcing

In 2022 Rhumveld launched its Responsible Sourcing Program (RSP), which is dedicated to identifying and implementing enhancements in social and environmental practices within its value chains. The program’s architecture is built on three foundational pillars:

1. Assessing social and environmental practices – this involves a comprehensive assessment of current practices, setting the stage for further improvements.

2. Empowering suppliers and farmers: supporting suppliers and farmers in adopting and maintaining sustainable practices.

3. Enhancing transparency and traceability: recognizing the critical role of transparency and traceability in creating tangible impact, we elevate these elements from mere tools to core objectives, creating visibility and accountability.

Monchy Trivium Foundation

Back in 2019, the Monchy Trivium Foundation was founded from a collective of Rhumveld and sister companies. Through this collaborative, communities around the farmers in origins are supported where needed. Support is for example provided through building schools or supporting agricultural programs. Find out more on the Monchy Trivium Foundation website.

Fair Treat Program

We see a growing demand for sustainably sourced products. A trend fueled not just by regulatory bodies but also by discerning consumers. This positive shift, however, comes with its own set of challenges – primarily, maintaining competitive pricing while adhering to sustainable practices. At Rhumveld, we have embraced this challenge head-on. Since early 2023, we have been diligently expanding our Fair Treat program’s product portfolio through which we are contributing to a more socially and environmentally responsible food system. Ask us for our Fair Treat products!

"Improving the food system requires a collaborative effort that encompasses all stages from farm to fork."

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