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At Rhumveld we have a variety of cacao products to offer

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Delve into the heart of authentic chocolate flavor with our selection of cacao products. Our cacao nibs, crafted from crushed cacao beans, offer a rich, slightly bitter chocolate taste with a crunchy texture, perfect for baking or as a healthful snack. For the connoisseurs looking to create chocolate delights, our cacao liquor wafers provide a versatile base, melting smoothly for exquisite confections or bold culinary creations. Rounding out our collection, our cacao powder brings a chocolate punch to any recipe, from smoothies and desserts to rubs and sauces. Sourced with care from South-American and Africa.

Product Variants

We offer cacao nibs, liquor wafers, and powder, all organic. Do ask us for other cacao ingredients.

The following cacao products are available: nibs, butter wafers, and powder. All available in both organic and conventional.

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