In the realm of fine nuts, the hazelnut emerges as a distinguished favorite. What is the essence of its widespread appeal? The remarkable fusion of rich flavor and versatility in various culinary creations.

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The hazelnut, known for its distinctive round shape and sweet flavor, is a culinary favorite, particularly renowned in regions like Turkey, Italy, and the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Unique among nuts, hazelnuts are prized for their rich, buttery taste and are a key ingredient in many confections and spreads, most notably in the famous hazelnut-chocolate spread. Cultivation of hazelnuts is a meticulous process, relying on specific climatic conditions such as mild winters and long, warm summers. The nut grows within a protective husk on the Corylus tree, requiring careful tending until it matures in late summer or early fall. Harvesting is often a labor-intensive process, as the nuts are typically collected after they naturally fall from the tree. Hazelnuts are not only significant for their culinary use but also for their role in sustainable agriculture. They have the ability to thrive in poor soil, making them a valuable crop in areas unsuitable for other agricultural uses, and their trees contribute to soil health and prevent erosion. This makes the hazelnut a symbol of both gastronomic delight and agricultural resilience.

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Our hazelnuts originate from Turkey, and are available as both organic and conventional. The nuts can be delivered as inshells, wholes, diced, sliced, powder, or raw.

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