A burst of natural sweetness and intense flavor, perfect for adding a touch of sunshine to your snacks and recipes.

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Dried strawberries are a delightful treat, made by dehydrating fresh strawberries to preserve their natural sweetness and intensify their flavor. This process results in a chewy, concentrated fruit snack that retains much of the nutritional value and taste of the fresh berry. The texture and flavor of dried strawberries make them a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. They can be enjoyed as a standalone snack, providing a healthier alternative to candy. They're also commonly used in cereals, trail mixes, baked goods like muffins and cakes, or even as a natural sweetener and flavor enhancer in teas and smoothies. The process of drying strawberries involves removing moisture at a low temperature over several hours, which preserves the fruit's color, taste, and nutritional value. This method not only extends the shelf life of strawberries but also provides a way to enjoy this seasonal fruit year-round.

Product Variants

Available as diced, sliced, and in wholes. Rhumveld offers dried strawberries in both organic and conventional.

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